What are casino bonuses?

A casino bonus can come in many different forms and styles, a bit like casino games. Casino bonuses are advertised on the home page of a casino and many casinos offer a whole section on bonuses and promotions. The bonus is an extra incentive for the player and it is a gift from the casino. The reason casinos offer bonuses is to try and keep players coming back to their casino and encourage them to stay longer and maybe spend more money.

Claiming casino bonuses

There are many different types of casino bonus offers at online casinos. These include sign up bonus offers where deposits made by the player are matched to a certain amount. Some casinos offer a no deposit bonus of free cash as soon as the player has registered at the casino. Others offer free spins.

Further to the sign up bonus offer there are also many other bonuses, including VIP clubs and loyalty point offers together with weekly and monthly promotions that keep players involved at the casino and always looking for more. Even the casino tournaments are considered to be a form of bonus offering the player a low cost entry to different games where the prize is huge.