Game of Thrones Online Pokies Review

Original Clips of Games of Thrones Movie Included

Game of Thrones™ online pokies game

The Game of Thrones™ online pokies game includes clips from the series and many of the original symbols from the same HBO series. In this game, the four Houses of Westeros fight it out with each other for ultimate supremacy and against the evil forces. The four Houses are Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. Players have the choice of playing this pokie with 15 set paylines or with 243 ways to win.

A Bonus Choice of Four Houses

Three or more of the iron throne scatter symbols are the key to all of the choices in this pokies game. The player is presented with a choice of the House to decide on his free spins and multiplier bonus. Baratheon offers a 5x multiplier, Lannister offers 10 free spins and a 4x multiplier, Stark offers 14 free spins and a 3x multiplier and Targaryen offers 18 free spins and 2x multiplier. The player chooses which of the free spins offers he wants.

The Stacked Wild

In addition to the scatter option there is also a wild symbol that can substitute other symbols, apart from the scatter, and make up a winning line or multiple winning lines. This wild substitute also stacks on the reels giving the player multiple wild symbols and even more winning options.

A Special Gamble Feature

The last exciting feature of the Game of Thrones Online Pokies to mention is the gamble feature. This is no ordinary gamble feature, it is carried out by throwing the ancient Braavosi coin and depending on how it lands, heads or tails, the player moves along the map of Westeros to increase his winnings. Playing Game of Thrones for lovers of the series is a pure delight and even players who are not familiar with the series will delight in the many different features of the game and the choices that it offers to each player.